The Old Tavern Grafton / Vermont


the old tavern logoWho else wants to experience the old world charm at The Old Tavern in Grafton. It’s the ultimate Vermont experience with all the old world charm, hospitality, warmth, ambiance you can handle at The Old Tavern and more. Nothing can beat a great meal, that’s cooked to perfection with special ingredients -fresh from farms and served with a smile. Keeping alive the rich culture and heritage by offering sumptuous local cuisine with locally sourced ingredients to encourage local business and being introduced the guest aids in building a sense of community makes for a great wholesome experience. The Old Tavern restaurant is located inside the main inn at the very popular Grafton lnn, which takes pride in standing tall since 1801.

The Vermont lnn: What you need with all the comforts of countryside charm Amidst the green mountains, The Vermont Inn is a perfect place to feel close to nature and create authentic experiences that can be cherished over the years. A stay at the Vermont lnn allows easy access from the Pico ski area and Killington Ski resort. This family-run inn strives to offer quality service. Begin your day with full country breakfast spend the remaining by indulging in activities suggested by the family living on-site. The comfortable ambiance of the Inn is surely not disappointing.

Grafton Village Cheese Handmade in VermontGrafton Village Cheese: the who what where and why of cheese As important as accommodation and scenery, food plays a significant role in enhancing our tourism experience. Is there a better way to engage in the local tradition and satiate our taste buds than visiting a local food artisan and savoring the local food. The cheese making tradition is kept alive by the Grafton Village Cheese, founded in 1892 by local dairy farmers to turn the fresh surplus milk into cheese that can be stored for a long period of time. The mission of this cooperative is to support the rural communities. Participating in the cause is supporting sustainable tourism. Our media partner, is a big supporter of tourism and entertainment, offering extensive information about Casinos in Canada, free games and exclusive offers from top regulated Canadian casinos.

Haunted Grafton also has other weird stuff you never hear about. Grafton is also rumored to be home to paranormal and supernatural activities, with many unexplained events attached to places and abnormal sightings and occurrences. There are many stories doing the rounds in this town, with popular being at the Grafton State Hospital, the old school house, a house on Merriam road, the Grafton lnn, the Frencroft house. The Grafton state hospital is has been reported to be haunted by many visitors and staff of the hospital. the residents of the house experienced hearing series of three knocks, turning on of stoves and faucets by themselves. The house on Merriam road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who committed suicide in the house with reports of scratching on the walls and carpets. The Grafton lnn built in 1805 is rumored to be haunted by a spirit of a woman, the spirit is named Martha by the staff. The presence of Martha has been sensed by many over the years particularly in room no. 7. The family residing at the Frencroft house which was built between 1703-1710 have experienced unusual sensation in the house.

The Old Tavern