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Grafton Village Cheese in Vermont

grafton-village-cheeseCheese lovers from all over the world are waiting to visit Grafton Village in Vermont just to try the cheese! We’re sure that on your bucket list- you’ve written somewhere to buy some serious cheese. And, maybe unknowingly- you’ve bought Grafton Cheese in the store without knowing it. But, we are more then sure you never seen how handmade cheese is actually made, so, you’ll want to check out their factory to see how it all comes together.

A few facts about Grafton Village Cheese Factory For decades, the factory produced fantastic hand-crafted cheddar cheese. This factory was founded in 1883 by local farmers as a cooperative. Later, in 1963, a devastating fire destroyed the factory, but later they built it back and, and we’re so glad they did. To obtain this high-quality cheese, the factory buys milk from 29 different local farms. An interesting fact, related to the name of this kind of cheese. Actually, it’s named ‘cheddar’ for the process that’s used to make the cheese. The process of cheddaring is done all by hand and not even a single drop of milk is ever wasted. This way- the taste is better preserved and can offer you a whole new experience.

It’s here that they create even more assortments of cheese that can be bought from their local store or perhaps exported to your local supermarket. Also, you can try local recipes that use this unique cheese to obtain that truly unique culinary flavor. Next door, you can even find 3 smaller factories that were built there, where you get to see their dedicated workers paying attention to every detail to make the cheese you fell in love with. From visitors point of view, Grafton, Vermont is the best place to buy handcrafted cheese. You’ve heard that old saying: ‘There something rotten in the state of Denmark’ but when it comes to delicious cheese- Grafton won’t leave you wondering! Now the process of making cheese is very interesting, and if you have decided to visit the factory- you shouldn't miss the chance to see how they make the cheese.

This is one cheese factory that’s the best place to visit if you love cheese. In 2008, the factory celebrated their grand opening with a new store located in Brattleboro, which has a whopping 2500 square foot barn-themed shopping area, offering more than 70 types of cheese. Later, in 2014, the factory won the: ”Best USA Cheese Trophy” at International Cheese Awards. When you decide to visit, you won’t be disappointed since the scenery by itself seems to be cut out from a movie. With breathtaking views and plenty of things to do, you can spend an entire day or weekend here, if you like. Also, you can taste various types of cheese and take home an assortment of whatever you bought. And, if you really want to have some local fun then you should visit the town in May, when they organize the Fireman's Festival. On social media- especially their Facebook page, you can find out more about the events held here and have loads of fun like you’ve always intended to do with your family and friends. It’s also a great place to be, especially if you love cheese, so this whole experience can be a life-changing one. This is one trip where you’ll be able to learn more about how handcrafted cheese is being made and you’ll certainly go home with an assortments of cheese you never thought was possible!

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