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real-haunted-houses-creepy-housesHaunted Grafton- Home of the Weird

Ghosts are considered as supernatural beings in the world. Some people believe that ghosts exist in reality, while some consider that there is no such thing as ghosts in this world. Some people also claim to have seen certain strange things or have faced certain incidents in which they felt the existence of some supernatural force around them. The places where such weird incidents have taken place are usually declared as 'possessed’ or ‘haunted by ghosts’ or even ‘haunted places’... One such place is Grafton, located in Vermont. There are a lot of weird stories that are believed to be haunted or something really strange just within the town of Grafton. Pertinently, there are five spots in Grafton that are considered haunted. Some people have claimed to have seen ghosts there, but you can decide for yourself. These five 'haunted’ spots are among the hotspots you can actually visit:

The Grafton Inn:

The Grafton Inn is considered as the oldest building in Grafton. The building was initially named as 'Hotel Kirby’. It also has 7 hotel rooms where night stay is also allowed. It is said that some people have witnessed in the seventh room the presence of a spirit of a woman wearing a hoop skirt of nineteenth-century old. Some staff members have also given her the name 'Martha’.

The Grafton State HospitalThe Grafton State Hospital:

The Grafton State Hospital is an abandoned hospital in Grafton town. It was formerly known as a psychiatric rehabilitation hospital. It remained operational until 1973. The hospital was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the United States in 1994. Now, the Tufts University is working on its rehabilitation for turning it into a Veterinary Medicine School. Some people have claimed to hear strange voices at this place. However, no particular weird thing has been sighted here yet.

A house located at Merriam Road:

It is claimed by a woman that she has felt strange things happening in a house located at Merriam Road. She said that she has heard the scratching of her bedroom’s carpet and also scratching of walls. She also said that her dog continued to bark towards the upstairs of her house, but she saw that no one was actually there. She found it very strange.

Pleasant Street Old Schoolhouse:

Some people have claimed that they have heard as well as observed strange things in their house that was previously a part of the old schoolhouse in the Pleasant Street. For instance, some people said that they have heard knocks on the door as well as on walls of their house, and sometimes have witnessed that the stove was on despite no one in the house has switched it on.

The Ferncroft House in Farnumsville:

This house was in the ownership of Angela Scovil who claimed that she and her children have felt strange things happening in their house. She also invited the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) to witness the paranormal activity happening in her home. She claimed that she and her children get awakened by a spirit of a young child in late night and sometimes they have also heard strange sound at her house and has also witnessed strange things there. The TAPS team also confirmed that something unusual was happening in some portion of the house, but rejected the occurrence of any act of paranormal nature.

the-feejee-mermaidGrafton Nature Museum:

In addition to the aforementioned locations, a history museum in Grafton that is also named as Nature Museum has several strange things such as remains of extinct creatures, including that of a famous prop once owned by P. T. Barnum aptly named: The Feejee Mermaid. People think that this Mermaid which has a tail like fish, but the upper body appears to be monkey-like creature. The remains of this odd item are claimed to have been retrieved from the Far East- but if you buy that line you’re a real sucker indeed.

The Old Tavern